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We at C&L offer a full range of services that can dramatically affect the the appearance of your lawn and home; everything from a one time clean up or restoration to monthly lawn care to keep your yard the envy of the neighborhood, we have what you're looking for at incredibly competitive pricing. Please note that we cannot provide an exact pricing model due to the fact that every yard is different, therefore, we will have to see the property in which you want services rendered before a hard quote can be given. All on-site consultations and quotes are free of charge with no obligation. Below, you will find a list of services offered, and if you don't see something you're looking for, just give us a call! 

        Mowing                  Pruning
        Barking                  Complete lawn restoration
        Weed control          Fertilizing
        Sprinkler repair     

As far as mowing your lawn goes, our contract service is by far the premiere of all our services.  As a customer on contract with us you need not worry about anything except to make sure the water comes on, we take care of the rest.  The contract includes the following:

32 mowings:
        January                                    1 visit
        Feburary                                  2 visits
        March thru October                    3 visits per month
        November and December             2 visits per month   


    Depending on the time of year will depend on the type of fertilizer we will use.  Fertilizing is very important to the overall health of your lawn.  You cannot have a healthy lawn without a strong root base.  A proper well balanced fertilizing program will accomplish a very healthy lawn.

                                                         PLANTER BED MAINTENANCE:

    Our goal is to have a weed free planting beds.  Nothing worst then having a beautiful looking lawn and then there they are "WEEDS".  Weeds are a ongoing project at C&L, and boy do we have this program down.  We attack weeds a little different then most lawn maintenance companies.  We at C&L can show you how to have weed free planter beds without even pulling weeds. 


    I don't know about you but I find it very irritating when I have to pay for something that I didn't get, so at C&L we took care of this for you.  When you sign up to be on our contract service and if we miss a visit we will deduct the amount of the visit on your next months billing.  If you are not completely happy with our service I want to know so I can fix it.  If you are not happy with our service you will be able to cancel the contract without having to pay the early cancellation fee.  The number 1 reason customers cancel our service is they move.  So if you are not planning on moving soon we will probley be friends for a very long time. 

                                                                CONTRACT TAB:

    Above are the highlights of our contract service, please, go to the tab called sample contract, there you will be able to see a full contract.  The only question is how much?  Well thats hard to say without looking at your lawn.  If you call (360) 876-4469 I will be able to ask you most of the questions to enable me to give you a quote that should be very close, however, viewing and only after viewing your property can I commit to a price.

                                                             AUTOMATIC (AT) SERVICE:

    Automatic (AT) service is the basic mow, trim, blow and go.  There is no bed work, no fertilizing, no hedging, no prunning  just the bare bones to keep your lawn looking good.  Many of our customers do not wish to mow there lawn, however, they do enjoy working in the planter beds.  Remember, gardening is the #1 Hobbie in the united states and by having ats service we do all the hard work and you get to play in the planter beds.  The pricing for ats service is based on staying on a regular schedule such as March - Oct. 3 times a month, Nov. - Feb. as needed.  Note:  Some homes only need two times a month and no visits in Nov - Jan.  Your price per visit always stays the same.  Again, please call so we can start narrowing down a price.  

                                                    THEORY OF CONTRACT VERSUS ATS:

Throughout the year most customers will ask us to fertilize there lawn, if you are on the AT service we charge extra,  most customers ask for us to spray for weeds, we charge extra,  how about all that hedging and pruning that will need to be done, yes we charge extra.  The contract has all of this imbedded into the price and also includes discounts along with a budget plan. Be carefull, once you start a contract service with C&L most people never leave this premier service and soon your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood.


    Just moving in and the lawn has been neglected, plants out of control, planting beds are a mess, then it's time to call in the C&L restoration crew.  I'll be honest with you on this one,  my crews love restoration, the worst the yard the happier they are.  Why? because this is where they really shine.  Nothing like taking a complete mess and transforming it into the envy of the neighborhood.  Have you every herd of "that was a thankless job?" Well not when it comes to restoration.  By far we pass out more business cards in a neighborhood after finishing a restoration job then any other type of work we do. 


    Throughout the years we have installed and repaired 100's of sprinkler systems, so needless to say we are very versed on any kind of sprinkler system.  It's safe to say that my best yards are yards with sprinkler systems installed.  If you property does not have a sprinkler system I would recomend budgeting for one.  Nothing like getting up in the morning and all the watering is done.  By using a sprinkler system you are maximizing on your water usage, hey you now have become earth friendly you tree huger you.  Sprinkler systems can be a bit pricey so I suggest start saving for future purchase.  Almost every customer gulps when I tell them the price and every one of them have told me a year later it was cheap.  Call (360) 876-4469 and we will be happy to talk to you in depth on all the features a top of the line system has.

                                                  BARKING AND COMPOSTING:

    First of all whats the difference between bark and compost.  

            Bark - the external covering of a tree.

            Oly Mountain Compost - Pacific Northwest recycled brush, leaves, grass clippings, produce trimmings & small amount of wood waste.  This herbaceous and woody material mix provides an ideal habitat for naturally occurring microorganisms and is slow release nutrient for the soil.

Aged for over one year through constant heat production eliminating potential weeds seeds and pathogens. 

USES:  As a soil amendment and essential gardening ingredient, compost loosens, clay soil and holds moisture and nutrients in sandy soil.  It adds organic matter, nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that enhances growth, porosity and water retention.  Compost protects soil from erosion and evaporation, insulates plant roots from temperature fluctuations and reduces weed growth.

Over the years we have moved several of our customers to Oly Mountain Compost and I am here to say what a difference in plant production.  The plants are greener and they seem to thrive on this product.  The only draw back is that compost cost about 50% more then bark but well worth it. 


WHY AERATE MY LAWN?  Lawn aeration is generally recognized as the best way to improve air/gas exchange and water/nutrient intake.  Some aeration occurs naturally, but due to soil compaction or other soil conditions, lawns rarely thrive without some means of mechanical aeration.  In addition to compaction, thatch build-up (more than 1/2 inch) can be especially damaging to lawns.  It acts as a barrier, preventing water and nutrients from getting into the soil.

Mechanical aeration benefits your lawn six ways.

    1.  Reducing soil compaction
    2.  Penetrating heavy thatch
    3.  Allowing more efficient watering and fertilizing
    4.  Enhancing root growth
    5.  Enriching surface soil
    6.  Decreasing water run-off

Many years ago, crude aeration was accomplished by poking holes in the lawn with a pitchfork or other pronged device.  Today, we have the advantage of mechanical aerators that actually remove small-diameter "plugs" from the soil.  The holes left in the turf allow moisture and nutrients to more easily reach the roots.  As the soil naturally expands to fill the holes over a few weeks' time, the surrounding soil is allowed to loosen, reducing compaction.  The "plugs" are scattered on the surface and eventually break down to form a valuable top dressing that enriches soil near the surface and helps break down thatch.

Aerating Tips:

    When should I aerate?

        For most grasses, the very best time is just prior to, or early in the fast growing season.  However, cool=climate grasses, like Bluegrass or Fescue, can be aerated in the early spring or fall, while warm-climate grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia need to be done mid-spring to early summer.  We at C&L offer a special every year in March and April.  Call (360) 876-4469 to schedule for your lawn to be aerated.

    How many holes are needed?

        In order to ensure thorough aeration, experts recommend at least nine holes per square foot of lawn and as many as 16 per square foot in some types of clay or other densely compacted soil.  This may require going over your yard several times.  Aeration holes should be two to three inches deep for maximum value.

    What About fertilizing?

        An application of fertilizer, along with heavy watering just after aeration, will greatly stimulate root growth.  Deep watering every two or three days, for a few weeks after aerating, will cause the roots to grow deeper fro increased strength during dry times.

    Can I seed at the same time?

        Yes, Combining aeration with seeding is an excellent idea.  Aeration loosens up the soil, giving new plant roots "room to grow".  This applies to overseeding existing turf or planting new grass.

    What about weeds?

        Studies show that pre-emergent application are not affected by core aeration.  Weed seeds on top of the pre-emergent barrier will not grow down through the barrier, nor will weeds grow "sideways" toward the aeration holes.  Feel free to aerate before, during, or after treating for annual weeds.

    What should I expect?

        Keep in mind, lawn care is a long-term process requiring regular maintenance.  While aeration can provide dramatic results, don't expect miracles from a single aeration.  The benefits of improved fertilizer absorption, better rooting, and thatch breakdown will result in a greener, healthier lawn over time.

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