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                                         HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR PROPERTY?

No two property owners see there property the same.  Thats why, over the years we at C&L have been developing many kinds of services to fit the needs of your property.  Let's say, you enjoy working in the planter beds, however, you would rather chase cars on a freeway then mow your lawn.  If this is so then automatic (AT) service is for you.  With AT service you have the flexibility of picking and choosing what you want to do and leave the rest of the work for C&L.  Now let's say you do not want to do anything at all, you just want to come home and enjoy a beautfully manicured yard, then I say let's talk contract.  

Go to the tab "services" and there you will find and explanation of all our services we offer. 

Below, you will find a sample of what a contract looks like, also you will find a service agreement for AT service.

                                                  THEORY OF CONTRACT VERSUS AT SERVICE

Throughout the year most customers will ask us to fertilize there lawn, if you are on the AT service we charge extra,  most customers ask for us to spray for weeds, we charge extra,  how about all that hedging and pruning that will need to be done, yes we charge extra.  The contract has all of this imbedded into the price and also includes discounts along with a budget plan. Be carefull, once you start a contract service with C&L most people never leave this premier service and soon your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood.

If you have any questions you can either call us at 
(360) 876-4469 or email us from the contact us page by clicking here. 

C&L Lawn Maintenance Inc.                                                                                                             

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 Ref:  Letter of agreement for lawn maintenance.




The following is the letter of agreement that we have discussed regarding all the work that will be performed at ADDRESS.




1.  Lawns.


                 Lawns shall be mowed every 10 days during the growing season (March through October) and on an as needed basis during the months of November through February.  The lawn areas will be fertilized  to maintain a lush green appearance.  All lawn areas will be treated to control broadleaf weeds and moss at the appropriate time of the year.  Grass shall be trimmed neatly, at all sidewalks, buildings, plants, trees, patio fences, and as needed, around sprinkler heads.  Sidewalks, entrances, driveways,  will be blown clean or swept of all foreign matter that results from the mowing, trimming and edging.




                   Beds are to be kept clean of garbage throughout the year.  A preemergent weed killer will be used where applicable to keep weeds from growing in the beds.  The plants, shrubs and trees shall be pruned and trimmed including the removal of dead branches and leaves to maintain a neat clean appearance.  This work is usually done during the months of December and January.  Trees and shrubs touching buildings and crowding walks will be trimmed back to provide clearance.  No high tree work above 15 feet off the ground will be performed.  This work will have to be sub contract at additional expense.  The application of bark to the beds will also be on a time + material basis of 43.00 per hour.  All shrubs shall be fertilized at least once per year.  Any bedding areas changed by the planting of annuals or perennials shall become the maintenance responsibility of the one planting the plants.  The reason for this is the contract is based on the beds remaining as they currently are and when someone plants annuals or other plants in these beds it may significantly change the maintenance schedule for this area.




                  All debris collected from the performance of the contractor's duties will be hauled away and disposed of off site unless owner can supply a suitable area .  We encourage the use of using home owners mulch pile, hauling debris off site is very expensive and this will help keep cost down .  Any garbage collected from the site will be disposed of in trash containers on the site.




                Depending on the seasonal temperature C&L will be responsible for shutting down and winterizing the system as well as start up for spring.  C&L will maintain and assure that all heads are cleaned and adjusted to minimize spray on buildings and maximize water on lawns and plants.  All time clocks shall be properly coordinated to provide adequate water at all zones.  Any repairs needed will be billed at an additional charge of 43.00 per hour + parts




                Insect and disease control for the shrubs and trees are not included in this contract.  These duties should be performed be a certified pesticide applicator licensed to perform such duties.  This type of work will be coordinated by C&L.




                It is the contractors' responsibility to set a day of the week to perform his duties.  In the event a visit is skipped, the next months billing will reflect the change.




                In the event of plants that die due to improper care, it will be the responsibility of the contractor to replace them at the contractors own cost.  If a plant dies due to  Act of God (extreme cold winter) it will be the responsibility of home owner to replace them.




                C&L has based this proposal on the following number of visits.  C&L shall perform the following schedule of visits at said site:


March through October: 3 visits per month.

November and December: 2 visits per month.

January: 1 visit.

February: 2 visits.


                Total visits = 31


 9.  COST.



                WEED CONTROL SPRAY    


                SUB TOTAL                                  




Payments will be made in 12 monthly installments.


                / 12 =


10.        A 1.5% late charge will be added to any account with a balance forward amount.  As your lawn maintenance company, we are committed to providing you the best in customer service.  If you have any questions concerning your statement, our Customer Service Dept. will  be happy to assist you.




                There will be a 75.00 service fee in the event that this agreement is terminated within 12 months.  This service fee will be due within 45 days of termination.


                If final payment is not made within 90 days, the account will be turned over to an outside agency for collections.  The customer agrees to pay all cost for collection.


If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please, do not hesitate to contact me at

(360) 876-4469.




 _______________________________                                        ______________________________

           Authorize Signature                                                                       Lou Gurganious

                                                                                                                           C&L Lawn Maintenance, Inc.







Automatic service is the basic service that C&L offers.  It includes mowing, line trimming and blowing all walkways and driveways.  This service does not include any planter bed work, no fertilizing or spraying for weed control.  The following is a schedule of visits.

          January                                   0 visits.

          February                                 2 visits.

          March – October                     3 visits per month.

          November and December      2 visits per month.


During the months of November – February the lawn will be done on an as need basis. In other words, when my crew comes by to mow the lawn, if it needs mowing it will get mowed, if it does not need mowing then you will be put on the next schedule.  There is no extra charge for this, however, by doing this I will be able to set the per visit price to be the same every time.  We find that every yard is different so the above is not written in stone.


All payments are due on or before the 10th of the month.  If and when you decide to cancel the services of C&L, final payment will be due on or before the 10th of the following month.  If final payment is not made within 60 days, the account will be turned over to an outside agency for collections.  The customer agrees to pay all cost for collection.


If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please, do not hesitate to contact me at (360) 876-4469.


______________________                   _______________________

Authorize Signature                                Lou Gurganious

                                                               C&L Lawn Maint. Inc.


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